Highest & Best Use Advisory Services

Advisory ServicesFrom pre-acquisition to resale, Commenda’s Highest & Best Use Advisory Services exploit our team’s broad and deep experience to determine the best available trajectory for your asset. We identify achievable strategic options given the current and foreseeable future from a site’s physical, market and financial perspective that maximize capital harvesting for the property owner(s) in order to achieve the highest long-term operating cash-flow, tax benefit(s), and ultimately exit value upon resale.

This analysis includes an unbiased strategic assessment of the property itself to gain an understanding of how it is currently positioned and fits into your portfolio, a market assessment to determine how and when to take it through a buy, sell or hold exercise, and also includes a longer-term assessment of how the asset needs to be positioned to maximize profits and cash flows, shelter it from adverse tax ramifications, and maximize the owner’s profitability.

Commenda’s experienced professionals clearly understand how to achieve the highest and best use that meet ownership’s goals and objectives for any given asset or structure.