Fee Development Services

Have you ever encountered a highly skilled successful real estate developer with 40+ years of experience in several asset classes that you could hire for a fee to serve as your developer? Well now you have!

CRE professionals have successfully completed millions of square feet of development deals, stretching the gamut from the extremely complex to the most basic. We are skilled at repositioning and redeveloping an asset to meet the future in its marketplace, and we also can manage every aspect of a ground up development to produce a successful long-term cash flowing asset.

Our team can help you turn a non-performing property on your balance sheet, like for instance a vacant parcel of land owned for decades, into a cash flowing asset that enhances your enterprise’s future earnings.

If you own vacant land or a poorly performing commercial property, or you have a need for build-to-suit developments to satisfy your enterprise’s growth plans, the CRE team has the skills and expertise to lend an unbiased hand throughout the development process. We are not real estate brokers or contractors; instead, we will sit firmly on your side of the table to help you optimize your development projects.

Plug CRE in as your advisor/consultant to handle the highly specialized requirements of a successful development, while you continue to focus on running your business.