Family Office/Institutional Direct Investment

Commenda offers a cost-effective way for your Family Office or Institutional Investment Group to make successful direct investments in commercial real estate. Our interests are mutually aligned with family offices and other asset-focused investors, given our strong desire and ability to directly co-invest when possible. Instead of black-box investments in funds/blind pools, we can enable your organization to be in direct control, while avoiding excess costs and fees, a lack of transparency and a nonalignment of interests.

Managing commercial real estate investments can be difficult today for those lacking a deep real estate background, and it can be extremely time consuming and expensive for you to otherwise acquire the needed expert resources internally. Instead, our experienced team of professionals can provide your shop with a highly qualified and affordable alternative.

Commenda can strategically assist your organization in navigating your real estate portfolio toward enhanced profitability. Our expert team provides a realistic approach and the ability to cost effectively accomplish your goals and objectives.