About CRE

Commenda has leveraged its substantial collective real estate experience and expertise to create Commenda Real Estate™ (“CRE”), our new commercial real estate arm that offers clients dedicated solutions-oriented results to optimize the returns on their real estate investments.

CRE offers capital, advisory, restructuring and development services that help property owners and operators maximize returns or recoveries. Our team takes a hands-on approach and tackles complex portfolio and asset-specific financial and operating challenges on behalf of our clients.

The CRE team looks at our clients’ real estate assets from our perspective as successful and experienced real estate investors, owners, developers, re-developers, and asset-managers. We help property owners and operators identify portfolio and asset-specific strategic alternatives, recognize at-risk properties before they become under-performing assets, and implement solutions consistent with our clients’ financial and business objectives. (Our experience)

Our professionals have navigated complicated turnaround, repurposing and redevelopment projects, tenant bankruptcies, complex loan modifications in 35 states and 300+ markets, and we are qualified to identify alternate commercial real estate silos where a client’s property might be repurposed or re-positioned to maximize asset and portfolio ROI (regardless of when that investment was made).

We do not simply help formulate a plan; we provide the necessary resources and operational support to help our clients successfully execute that plan. We align our interests with our clients’ stakeholders, and we don’t succeed unless they do.

Historical Note:

Commenda is the original form of commercial partnerships. It was first used in the eleventh century by Italian merchants when Europe was experiencing increased spice trade from the orient. Western merchants engaged in remote shipping ventures and, as a result, became aware of the business practices and commercial legal codes of Byzantium and the Islamic states. While they were familiar with the commercial laws of Rome, as reflected in the Justinian Code, Western merchants borrowed the commenda, as reflected in Islamic law and combined it with the Roman societies to create the forms of commercial trade agreements that we enjoy today. For those early global merchants, the commenda was the FIRST and most enduring partnership for financing growing companies.”